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Top Tips For Cleaning Windows Top Tips For Cleaning Windows 18 April 2014

Cleaning windows might sound self-explanatory, but in truth they’re a fine art! This is why many people enlist the help of commercial window cleaning companies and the like. However, there are a few ‘cheats’ and shortcuts you yourself can employ so you can clean your windows on your own, without outside help. We have put together a short guide to best practice for window cleaning just for you! For a start, you should work from top to bottom when cleaning a window – always! This allows the window cleaning solution you are using to drip down and pick up dirt on the way, and ensure that dirty drips for newly clean areas falls on the already clean portions of the window. Simple, but dead effective! Second, you needn’t splash out and buy specialist window cleaning accessories. A humble scrubber or sponge will do the job fine – and you can buy them for pennies in a local shop! A scrubber is particularly effective, as it will effortlessly glide across the window whilst removing stubborn stains and grime along the way. The best inventions are often the simplest ones! We also recommend you clean your windows on an overcast or gloomy day. This is because the sun – lovely as it is – has a tremendous capacity for causing streaks on windows mid-clean. This is because it can dry water and cleaning solution applies to these surfaces before time. Some like to put old newspapers to good use, by using them as makeshift cloths. Whilst old newspapers are a reasonable alternative to proper cloths, be careful, because ink from old newsprint can run and transfer to your windows and skin! Furthermore, newspapers can disintegrate if they get overly soggy, which means they’re not really a viable option for much more than wiping a single pane each. If you’re keen to avoid purchasing cloths and cleaning utensils, why not use old clothes? Moth bitten and worn garments make for great improvised cleaning materials! Tatty and outdated t-shirts are particularly good for this purpose, as they are generally made of thoroughly absorbent materials – perfect for soaking up moisture and liquid on window surfaces, and leaving them sparkling. If, on the other hand, you find that old clothes don’t cut the mustard, there are many places where you can buy cleaning accessories and cloths. Many cleaning companies have such provisions for sale, often at thoroughly reasonable wholesale prices. Why got get in contact with a few house cleaning companies and see whether they offer such services. We hope the above tips, tricks and techniques combine to form the best guide to window cleaning on the web. However, in certain circumstances, you may have to resort to soliciting the help of a professional cleaning company to clean your windows for you. Cleaning services firms are in plentiful supply, so make sure you shop around and compare cleaning company quotes online before settling on a single company to hire. If you don’t think you need professional help, but are in the market to buy window cleaning products – the kind professionals use – these companies may very well be able to help you in this regard. Failing that, you can always look around on the internet and find a place to buy window cleaning products online. We recommend you steer clear of cheap, brand-less products – these often contain harsh, cheap chemical solutions which can actually damage your window and could even damage your window frame! Little drips can stain window frames and mirror frames – so be extra careful irrespective of the quality of window cleaner you are using. Follow all these tips and you’ll be OK!

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