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       Magnificent firm to work with! Extremely professional and responsive. Five stars for sure.    
L. Raham18/07/2024

       Positive and cheerful service with conscientiousness and thoroughness. They did a great job on a tough clean.    
P. Wilson08/07/2024

       The usual outstanding service from Cleaning Company Brixton.    

       The team is always friendly, on time, and they clean excellently.    
Nicholas W.10/06/2024

       The efficient and friendly ladies at the office make working with Cleaners Brixton a pleasure.    
Holly W.22/05/2024

       My cleaner was nothing short of professional and exceeded all expectations with her outstanding work. She didn't stop until everything was perfect, thank you!    
E. Hennessy16/04/2024

       I am thoroughly impressed by how immaculate my place looks after the cleaning, thank you for making it feel like a dream home again.    
Jane Blackburn27/03/2024

       Our upcoming sofa transition prompted us to prioritize getting our carpets professionally cleaned beforehand for an overall freshening up of our home.    
Tim N.11/03/2024

       The transformation of my carpet by Cleaning Company Brixton has exceeded my expectations in every way.    
Miranda Debanham01/03/2024

       I am grateful beyond words for the remarkable work done by this exceptional team - my home has never looked better!    
P. Logan18/02/2024

       This is definitely a five-star carpet cleaning service. The level of professionalism and skill shown is unmatched by any other company.    
Janine Palmers08/02/2024

       Wow, my couch is shining like new! The cleaner demonstrated exceptional knowledge and took the time to advise me on proper maintenance going forward.    
Ms. Kathleen Price 29/01/2024

       Brixton Cleaners - worth every penny and more. The final product exceeded all my expectations.    
Jessica Hall19/01/2024

       Arrangements were made with BrixtonCleaners, and then we got a timetable set up for them to take care of our office cleaning needs. They have done an impeccable job so far!     
Charlotte M. 15/05/2023

        Cleaning Company Brixton was incredibly dependable when we asked for help with house cleaning. They were very prompt and did a great job, much appreciated.    
Alicia Smith15/02/2023

       Calling CleanersBrixton proved to be the perfect solution to my cleaning woes. It's easy, convenient and cheap too. What's more, they always do a brilliant job.    
Harvey B.09/10/2018

       Their cleaners always do their work with a great deal of effort and care. It makes Cleaners Brixton a top company.    
Martin F.20/11/2017

       Brixton Cleaners are truly impressive! Cleaned my apartment on the very same day I called and saved my dinner party. Thanks!    
Albert Dolan31/05/2016

       I think the most important thing when you're hiring in cleaners is that you're able to get someone you trust. When it's stuff like stain removal, you need to know that they're going to do a good job. That's why I only ever call Brixton Cleaners. For me, there's no better option around and now that I know I can trust these guys to make a real difference, there's no need to call up anyone else and risk them not being able to help. Of all the services I've tried, they're the very best. Thanks once again, will be hiring again soon.    
P. Turner07/01/2015

       I tried Brixton Cleaners for a quote on my regular house cleaning as I was dissatisfied with my current cleaning company. The price they quoted me was lower than what I was currently paying and then when they actually visited and did the job I realised that they were much better at cleaning as well. The bathroom and kitchen sparkled, the bedroom was neat and tidy, the living room looked so welcoming because they had done such a thorough and brilliant job. I recommend this service highly, I will use them forever.    
Alex D.09/10/2014

       I had my parents coming over for the weekend and I knew that one look at the sofa and my dear mum would have a fit. I admit, I've let it get quite messy and haven't bothered with cleaning it up. Since it was too late to do anything about it myself, I decided to have it professionally dry cleaned. Brixton Cleaners is known for their sofa cleaning services so I gave them a ring and I couldn't have hoped for better results. The sofa cleaners managed to get every single stain out and the sofa looks like I just bought it. Thumbs up for an exceptional service!     
Alfie U.19/09/2014

       I have a very hectic lifestyle, so I end up spending most of my home-life sorting out interviews and auditions. Because of this, it's hard to keep my home looking its best... Luckily, I've got Brixton Cleaners to fall back on now! I didn't think I'd ever need a professional cleaner, but I'm sure glad I've had the opportunity to try one out now! My experience was pretty much perfect - their staff were really nice and hard working, and they did a great job with my flat! I've finally got time to pause and relax on the less hectic days. What a relief!    
Felicia Hall29/08/2014

       I had a great service from a local cleaning company Brixton Cleaners last week. I needed my home professionally spring cleaned as I just hadn't had a lot of spare time to keep on top of the housework. I had the job done by two wonderful and cheerful cleaning ladies. The work they did was terrific, they completely blitzed the place and it looked remarkable after they had finished. The cleaners covered every nook and cranny and left nothing unturned. The place looks so immaculate now I am so pleased. I would definitely suggest anybody needing a cleaning company to give these a try, they are professional and helpful.    
Holly Harlem24/07/2014

       I used to hate having to spend all Saturday cleaning my flat and it's amazing how many things you end up having to do to get your home clean. I used to have to routinely scrub the shower doors and tiles, dust the furniture surfaces and hoover each room. Since I have used the professional cleaning services of Brixton Cleaners however it hasn't been an issue for me - they come for two hours each week and give my flat a very thorough clean which gives me so much more free time as well as a nice and tidy environment to wake up to. I would most definitely recommend this cleaning company!    
Daniel L.30/06/2014

       My entire life I have never been fussed about keeping my particularly home clean. However, over recent months, I have had guests to my home and I feel embarrassed every time they come in and see my abode. Thinking it was time for a change but not knowing here to begin, I called up Brixton Cleaners. Over the phone, I reached lots of useful information and feeling that they knew their stuff I hired them. Their team came to my house and made to look great, so because of them I now have a clean home and a newfound respect for cleanliness.    
Mort Klein20/06/2014

       I run a busy shop and work long hours so never have much time to clean my flat above. A mate suggested I call Brixton Cleaners for some assistance. I called and arranged a date for them to do a house clean. The two ladies arrived on time in a smart uniform and armed with cleaning products and tools. They completely blitzed the place and it looked great when they had finished. I had requested a thorough clean on my bathroom and kitchen as it was getting really grimy. It was money well spent and I will be arranging a more frequent cleaning service from now on, because it is lovely to go back to a nice clean home.    
Raj Patel26/05/2014

       Having never really understood what all the fuss was about, because I have to admit to enjoying the cleaning sometimes, I got Brixton Cleaners round. I was blown away, form the service with a smile, to the excellently low prices, it was all way too easy! My flat has never looked so pristine, and I am pretty sure that they got the whole job done in about a third of the time it would have taken me, which is ridiculous! I hope that this recommendation gets them all of the recognition and business that they deserve!    
Lela Stone29/04/2014

       I have had excellent experiences with Brixton Cleaners. Their cleaners are just amazing at what they do, and I've never seen my home look as spotlessly clean before! Even the toughest jobs in my home were handled professionally and efficiently, and my cleaner was also very friendly, which I really appreciated! This is a great quality service for the money, and I have so much free time that I hardly know what to do with myself! This is an excellent company, and I fully recommend them! I can't see myself using any another cleaning company than this one! Truly fantastic!    

       Hiring in a cleaner seemed like a luxury to me. I was positive that I could handle everything as I moved in to my new home. But the move, coupled with my new job and new social life just seemed to get a bit ahead of me. The first time I hired Brixton Cleaners, it was just as a bit of a catch up, an attempt to get on top of things. But when I realised what a good job they were doing, and how much cleaner everything was, I made it a more regular thing, making life much easier.    
Lori Anderson19/03/2014

       The professional cleaners at Brixton Cleaners have saved me so much time over the past few months. I felt like all I ever did was clean house and go to work, and this was a really tiring and boring way to spend my life! Hiring a professional cleaner was a great decision for me, as now I have all of the free time I could possibly ever need! I have more time for friends, family, and most importantly - myself! The cleaner never leaves the house looking less-than-perfect, and I get compliments on its cleanliness all of the time! If you want a cleaner then definitely look into this company!    

       When you come home from a long day at work, all you want to do sometimes is lie back and relax on your favourite sofa. But that isn't always easy when it is heavily stained and full of cat hair. I find keeping my sofa clean pretty demanding - it is where I sit to eat and spend the majority of my relaxation time, so it takes a bruising. That's why every nine months or so I have Brixton Cleaners round to give it a thorough clean. They always leave it looking immaculate, and I always take the time to enjoy that clean freshness! Great service.     
M. Earnst30/01/2014

       I wanted to find a professional cleaner who could take over the cleaning that needed to be done in my home. I wasn't able to find the time that my house needed, and I was never really very good at cleaning anyway. Brixton Cleaners sent me a really nice cleaner who definitely knew what she was doing. She worked quickly and efficiently and soon everything was shiny and spotless! I can't see myself ever struggling with my own cleaning now. Thanks so much for providing such a great and affordable service! I tell all of my friends and encourage everyone to give this company a try!    

       I'll never use another cleaning company to clean my house ever again after finding Brixton Cleaners. I'd read a lot of good reviews about them, but it wasn't until a pal of mine gave them a call that I got to see what a brilliant job they can do. I was impressed with what I saw that I'm now a regular customer, and my home looks all the better for it! I never have to deal with stains or odours, and worrying about finding the time to clean isn't something I need to be concerned about. This is by far the most affordable and professional cleaning company in the area!    
Matthew G.17/12/2013

       If you need any form of cleaning carried out I would thoroughly recommend Brixton Cleaners. Not only will they do a fantastic job, but it won't cost anywhere near as much as some other companies out there. Trust me, I know! The guys on the end of the phone are superb as are the people that show up at your door. Our carpets have been brought back to life, our upholstery restored to former glories. We haven't employed them for a weekly clean yet, but I think that is most definitely on the cards. A great service.    
Mr. Morrison.03/12/2013

       I had a cleaner previously, who would always tidy important things up in to the most irritating places and I could never find anything once she had finished. The house would be really tidy, but I'd have no clue where my work documents had gone, nor where the other one of my shoes were... while Brixton Cleaners and give a great clean, and left things where they are meant to be! It sounds like a small ask, but it makes a huge difference to me! I am really with their services, and their prices are excellent as well!    
Harriet Child23/11/2013

       Having Brixton Cleaners round every week has made my life a lot easier to say the least. I do not know exactly what I would do without them, as I do not have the time nor patience to be cleaning the place every week. The team there are extremely friendly and make sure that there is always someone at my place for 9 am on a Tuesday morning for three hours. The service is not too expensive and they always do a great job, so I could not ask for much more!     
R. Reid13/11/2013

       It's only been a few months, but the staff at Brixton Cleaners have already earned my unending love. I would sing songs and write poems about how clean my house is. I'd heard all the stories from my mates about why I needed to hire them, why I needed to get in touch and I ignored it all at first. Stupid. Broke down, called them up and then haven't been able to stop since. You need Brixton Cleaners in your life. My advice would be to try it for a week and see what I'm saying. I'm sure you'll agree.    
A. Floyd03/11/2013

       I have quite a severe complex. I've not had anything diagnosed, but I am such an absolutely stickler for getting things clean and hygienic. I just can't have dirt. Anyway, with our new child on the way, I've been finding it more and more difficult to get everything dusted, hovered, swept and mopped; everything that I usually have to have done. Brixton Cleaners really came through and impressed me. My significant other was the one who put in the call and I wasn't prepared for how easy they would make these last few months. Give them a call, really worth it.    
J. Snyder24/10/2013

       You won't find anyone better, trust me. Been looking for a good cleaning company for so, so long. And now, finally, I can say that I've found what I've been looking for. I could tell from the moment they walked in that these guys were specialist and they've had my house cleaner than I ever thought it could be. So many people I know have hired cleaners and then just not been happy with it. I've passed them on the name of Brixton Cleaners and they've all told me the same: top, top service. The very best. Hands down.    

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