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The Miracle of White Vinegar in House Cleaning The Miracle of White Vinegar in House Cleaning 24 October 2014

House cleaning – most of us will happily avoid it until we can’t do this anymore. And yet, living in a clean environment is more than important. For starters, it will give you a sense of wellbeing as soon as you enter your home and it will help you relax better after a long day of work. Even more than that though, a clean home is a healthy environment to live in – for you, for your children and for anybody else who lives in the same household as well. Very frequently, we are flooded by cleaning products of all kinds and sometimes, choosing the best one is difficult. We can end up spending hundreds of pounds on products for each part of our house, for each type of surface and for each type of stain. But the truth is that sometimes, simpler things work better and they are less expensive as well.White vinegar is one of those things whose “magic properties” are very well-known out there. But you may have never actually known just how miraculous vinegar can be for your house cleaning as well. We have gathered a list of some of the some of the best things you can do with white vinegar in your home, so that you can get the job done easy, fast and for a very low cost as well. Why is White Vinegar So Great? The number of uses white vinegar can have is almost unbelievable and the truth is that vinegar may be almost the only house cleaning product you may need. Its properties are largely related to the fact that its acidic nature will help dissolve grease and dirt and to the fact that it is a very strong anti-bacterial agent as well. Studies have shown that white vinegar can be 90% effective against mold and other types of bacteria, which makes it one of the strongest antibacterial products out there. Where Can You Use White Vinegar?There’s almost no type of dirt or spill white vinegar cannot be efficient with. As mentioned before, if you have never used it for your house cleaning, the shock of finding out how many things it can be useful with can be really high. Read on to find out some of the most common house cleaning tasks vinegar is used for: •    It can help you remove odours from a room or even from the refrigerator. Simply leaving it to sit in a bowl overnight will absorb the nasty smells. •    It can help you remove stickers your little artists have been decorating your home with. Apply plenty of white vinegar and then allow it to soften into the sticker for about 10 minutes, gently scrub off.•    It can be great for cleaning tiles and floors. •    It is amazing for cleaning the refrigerator, as it will also sanitise the area as well. •    It can help you clean the windows. •    It can help you clean off the build ups on your shower heads and on other bathroom items (you will have to leave them to soak in vinegar overnight). •    It can help you keep ants away (simply spraying the areas where ants normally appear will keep them at distance). •    It can help you remove the coffee and tea stains off your china. When Not to Use White Vinegar?Although the properties of vinegar recommend it for a huge array of cleaning tasks, there are some things you should never clean with its help: Granite, marble and stone – the vinegar will be too acidic for theseHardwood floors – again, it may ruin them Blood stains, grass stains, ice cream stains and ink stains do not come out by using only vinegar.

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