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How To Clean A Mirror How To Clean A Mirror 12 June 2014

With so much to clean in the home, it can often be the smaller details which are liable to get overlooked. However, it is often these smaller details which can make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring that you are able to make a big difference in the home and can provide a huge amount of depth to the cleaning which is in your home. With so many different items and features in every home, however, learning how to make sure that the cleaning is done properly can be a difficult thing to master. One of the areas which most often presents a difference to those looking to clean their home in the quickest and easiest possible manner is the mirrors which you might find hanging on your walls. So when it comes to getting the house clean, how should you clean a mirror? The first thing which you should do when it comes to cleaning the mirrors in your home is to figure out what kind of mirror you have. Essentially, there are two types: those which are hanging on the wall and can be removed and those which are fixed in place. The type of mirror which you are trying to clean can have a big difference. It will often be that the mirrors in bathrooms and toilets are fixed in placed, while mirrors elsewhere in the home are hung in the same manner as pictures. The first thing you should do is figure out which type of mirror it is that you are attempting to clean. In those instances where you find that the mirror is removable and you are able to take it off the wall, the cleaning process can become slightly easier. Removing the dust which has built up on the mirror is essential and this can be easier to accomplish when you are able to take the mirror off the wall. If possible, carefully remove the mirror from the wall and place it gently on the floor. If the mirror cannot be removed then you will have to leave it in place while you remove the dust. To remove the dust particles from the mirror, you will want to use a dry cloth. Using a wet cloth will only exacerbate the problem and will make cleaning difficult. Depending on the length of time since the last clean, it might well be that a large amount of dust has built up. Remove and much as possible with the dry cloth. If you still find a thin layer of dust on your mirror, then use a small amount of hot soapy water and gently scrub until the dust is removed. Once this is done then it is time to move onto the mirror itself. Cleaning a mirror is often a lot like cleaning a window and many of the same products can be used on each. As with cleaning windows, one of the main issues you will have is streaks so be careful to use a glass cleaning solution and wipe it away gently. If the mirror is placed in the sun then the liquid will dry too quickly and is likely to leave streaks. Try to avoid this if possible. For those who are still struggling to get the best results when it comes to cleaning their mirrors, it might be worth having some expert help. If your mirrors are particularly old, valuable or in any way awkward then a professional cleaning service can be the best way in which to get your home clean without worrying about the mirrors themselves.

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