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5 Top Tips for Office Cleaning 5 Top Tips for Office Cleaning 10 September 2014

Offices are usually busy, busy means that it’s probably going to get rather grubby from time to time, especially with lots of feet running around and staff consuming food and hot drinks at their desks. Then we have to consider the amount of stationary within an office, it’s not uncommon to see those pesky little paper clips and staples flying around everywhere. Keeping on top of the cleaning is an absolute must, it goes without saying!In order to keeping the office looking its absolute best and to help keep business running smoothly, here are 5 top tips for office cleaning, these are all manageable jobs, some of which the staff can take care of, some which are probably best left for the cleaners. Tip 1- tidiness should be prioritisedTip 1 is the simplest yet most important part of keeping and office organised. All staff can have some involvement with tidying the office and if everyone works together and does their bit, it prevents the office becoming chaotic, cluttered and unorganised. If the office stays tidy business will run more smoothly.Debris lying around can also be hazardous and can cause all sorts of problems for businesses when an employee has an accident at work.Tip 2-Hiring the professionals cleanersYou may or may not wish to hire cleaners but for larger offices it recommended that you do because it saves the staff having to take time out of important business work to clean the office. Instead using professional cleaners means that staff can concentrate on more important things. Professional cleaners tend to work early mornings or late evenings as to not disrupt a working business, they can do all kinds of duties like cleaning floors, toilets, walls, desks, computers, picking of litter and debris and it’s a very worthwhile service. Keeping a workplace clean and tidy also promotes better practice and you may find happier staff too.A little expenditure can go a long way, if things are cleaned, cared for and maintained regularly then they will more than likely last you longer. Keeping those carpets cleaned often may reduce the need to replace those more often, which lets face, office carpets are generally pricey!Tip 3 -window cleaners are importantGrubby windows looks unappealing, it may even put people off coming into the office if it looks grubby from the outside. Don’t put people off the look of your office by not bothering to get the windows cleaned, remember first impressions always count!Tip 4 – reduce illness from spreadingA dirty office is a germ prone environment, and when workers enter the office full of coughs and colds, do not be surprised when they spread like wild fire around the staff. Keeping the office hygienically clean could help prevent the spread of diseases and viruses meaning that you also keep staff at work. No business likes being faced with a whole bunch of employees on the sick at the same time, it can be very costly.Tip 5 – Get a regular deep clean From time to time offices require a little more than a regular clean, for instance if carpets have not been shampooed or floors buffed for some time and they are starting to look a little worn out or dull, Then it may be time to give them a thoroughly good clean. Professional cleaners offer this service, they will give flooring some major attention using specialised equipment and detergents to bring them back to life. It usually offers impressive results. You may be thinking that they need replacing but it turns out to be a pleasant surprise when you see the difference it makes.

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